QC & PSE Workflow

FIBER to the Studio

High network speed means faster turnaround. Even on 4k and HDR programs


Automated Quality Control and certification. Latest version compliant with BBC "Harding" update.


If a program fails PSE check, this LIVE system checks in REAL-TIME with timecode reporting, making if SUPER FAST to identify and fix problem shots.

CineDeck CineXtools

No more re-rendering and entire program to fix a short QC fail. CineXtools inserts the repaired segment back into the original file in a fraction of the time.


Over 25 years experience in dealing with Broadcast delivery, QC and in the last 20 years specialising in fixing PSE fails without breaking the budget.

Phone +44 7970 426972


If you need a helping hand, we will take your deliverable in any format , and encode it to AS-11 with appropriate MetaData, then upload it to the broadcaster, saving you the stress.