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Hosting Virtual events and Webinars

Investing in ZoomOSC  has elevated our hosting of Zoom meetings to an entirely new level. Its SO NEW you probably haven't heard about it yet.

Phone +44 7970 426972

No more embarrasing pauses. The ZoomOSC hardware control surface lets us build presets to automate your show for instant start of Screen Sharing or video playback.

We can host all types of WEBINARS and zoom conferences, re-streaming to your own platform or streaming live to Vimeo or YouTube.

Standard "hand-holding" features available:

Executive Media training.

Pre-event checks of your video and audio setup.

Playing pre-recorded videos into your zoom meetings.

Adding Powerpoint to a live session.

Interactive Question & Answer sessions.

Instant one-click functions :

'All mikes mute except yours'

'Turn off all cameras except yours'

'All hands down' (for quick fire questions)

'Multi Spotlighting' presets

Using the best and most modern equipment currently available, our vMix Systems enable us to not only create a great program for our viewers, but also to send a bespoke confidence feed back to your presenters, together with a private audio communications feed, so the studio director can speak directly to your presenters during the live show,

We are familiar with NDA and confidentiality requirements, and are regularly security checked and deployed for high profile events.